Paolo Oliveira

Paolo Oliveira

Researcher and System Engineer
Fortaleza, Ceará
Phone +55-85-9XXXX-XXXX


I'm a system engineer and researcher with physics, hardware design, embedded systems and robotics background. I've been researching many fields over the years, specially embedded systems, industrial network, communication protocols, RF, artificial inteligence, blockchain and bioinformatics. I also love data and all data-related (extract, parse, analyze, automate...) things!

I have a lot of experience on Control Theory, Data Communication, Radiofrequency, Sensor data acquisition, Digital Filters, Computer Vision, Path Planing and ROS for various drones(on earth and air), blockchain applications and, latelly, I've been doing a lot of viral and biological simulations both on wet and dry lab.

I've been workig as Backend, Infrastructure and Security Engineer on various companies over the years from various domains (power, payments, games, medical...) where I've been applying my knowledge and experience of fault tolerance and real-time systems design/implementation/management, automation and architecture to help the companies grow stronger.

I'm a licensed radio amateur(PU7OLV) and I enjoy playing with packets, rtty and cw.

I have been working with C and assembly(for x86, pic, arm and z80) since 1998 and Python since 2006. I'm a huge fan of erlang, lisp and its flavors(elixir and lfe for erlang, clojure for lisp) and I try, whenever I can, to write hardware binding and industrial communication protocol for them. Since 2015, I've been working a lot with ruby and node.js not just for web but as an integration tool, and Go, since 2016. I, also, love reverse engineering software and hardware.


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  • I love coffee, it's my addiction. I've been traveling around the world working from coffeeshops and I wanna do that again in the future.
  • I love classical computers(from 1980's and 1990's), specially the Z80 and m68k based ones, to enhance and modernize.
  • I've been writing games for Sega genesis, MSX, C64 and NES. It's a wonderful experience.
  • I'm finally learning music to compose my own songs and add them to my games. I've always loved to listen to MIDI sound and to be able to produce some of them sounds great.