My current stop on my journey around the globe is Сoфия(SOFIA) in Bulgaria, the oldest European capital after Athens, brings some good reasons for any digital nomad: low cost of living, modern infrastructure, position outside the schengen zone, very unique soviet-ish atmosphere and wifi everywhere.

There are a lot of coworking spaces around the city, like betahaus and SOHO, but as I used to work on a café in Brazil (Amika, amazing place with 100MBps internet and power plugs), I looked for something familiar.

The place that I found and choosed to work in was Barista Coffee and More ( The place is awesome, very well-priced and well-located. You have a great variety of coffees (even a brazilian coffee, from south of Minas Gerais), confortable chairs, tables with power plugs and even a free-to-use printer!(where I even printed my boarding pass). Staff speaks english and there are always people with computers. The internet was open with SSID BaristaCoffee and download speed oscillating around 18Mbps. Enough for a skype call, SSH and AWS operation on the same time.

A quick history about internet on Sofia: I was eating on Happy Bar and Grill while a database problem occurred on my current job. The alarms started to ring and I just pulled my laptop from backpack, connected to local wifi, accessed SSH, veryfied the problem on logs, connected to AWS RDS interface and solved the problem, avoiding a major outage. All of that with open wifi from Happy Bar and Grill enjoying an amazing food!!

Sofia is amazing, there are a lot to see and definitivelly a city I would love to live!

Some pictures from my wanderings around Sofia: