My current stop is a city that everytime I step over, I love more: Prague, in Czech Republic! It’s, in my humble opinion, in the top 5 of most beautiful cities around the world and a good place to work. It’s cheap but not the cheapest in eastern europe, but you can live nicely here if you want. The traditional food is good, like goulash and things like that but don’t forget to try trdlnik, a bread-like thing toasted and mixed with sugar and cinamon! IMPORTANT!!!1!!ELEVEN!!: There is no tax over beer, which means that you can find 0.5L of local beer for 15 to 40 CZK(0.58 to 1.54 EUR)!!!!!

The first thing to notice is just like Wrocław, fast food is your friend: toilet, cheap friendly food and internet everytime! But you really can find wifi everywhere. (when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere, like eating vietnamese phở)

For work, as I try to aways go for Cafés, I have two indications where not just the internet but the staff, quality of coffees was above the expectations and the environment was perfect to work: Chococafe and Friends Coffee House!

Chococafe looks like a granny house, is specialized in hot chocolat(even have brazilian cocoa to choose) and the staff is really amazing! Internet is around 40Mbps.

Friends Coffee House, in the other hand, looks like a modern space with internal coworking, Internet is around 40Mbps as well and coffee quality is great! It’s my personal choice!

Prague is awesome, beautiful, misterious and, despite the huge amount of tourists and people trying to sell drugs(which are decriminalized there), it’s a place to go whenever you can, enjoy the city, work over the castle at the Starbucks while looking at the city from above.

Some pictures of my wanderings around Prague: