My current stop on this weird nomadic life is Rome, birth of Republic, home of Coloseum, Vatican city and a crazily overcrowded place! Rome is dirty, noisy and expensive, but is a place to go and understand the basis of western civilization. There is a growing startup moviment in rome since 2017 and it will be everytime more remote friendly but, you have pretty acceptable internet everywhere nowadays.

I haven’t even looked for coworking there, I worked on streets or bars, drinking some great capuccinos, and almost every bar/restaurant have good internet. As you can see in the picture below, I was working in front of pantheon, with a 40Mbps internet, solving some problems through ssh and python.

In Rome you can find great food(the roman plasta is amazing, amatriciana and carbonara are roman specials. And remember to drink wine from sicily, it’s delicious!) and the subway is kinda OK to use(cheap and easily inderstandable). Not the perfect place for a nomad as it is overcrowded and expensive but definitively a place to visit and stay for a while.

some pictures of my wandering around Rome: