My current stop on my journey around the globe is Wrocław ( [ˈvrɔt͡swaf], ‘vrôtsuaf’ for porguese speakers ) in Poland, near Berlin (3:50h/20€ by PolskiBus/Flexibus), and it brings some good reasons for any digital nomad: low cost of living(due to low currency related to euro, złoty), central point in europe, ease to go by bus, train or airplane to everywhere, modern infrastructure, a lot of cafés and wifi everywhere.

There are a some coworking spaces around the city, due to startup scene but as I keep looking for cafés to work because it fit my needs.

I’ve been to some cafés and the one I liked most was Green Café Nero, which is part of a network of cafés. I’ve been on two of them: in Rynek(old town) and on a shopping connected to bus station and in both I had the same feeling: good internet (around 40Mbps, easily able to handle ssh+AWS console+Skype), power plugs, friendly staff, coffee is ok (a blend of african grains, toasted more the it suppose to be).

And well, I have two surprises here, in Rynek, fast food networks(McDonalds, Burger King and KFC) are open 24h and not just they have a good internet(!!!), but they provide tables and power plugs(!!!). In McDonalds right in front of city hall, the McCafe, on the underground, provides a coworking-like space, cozy, warm, with good internet and a coffee better then expected. It was my choice to work after a walk. But I saw a lot of people working on KFC after 2am! Crazy!

In the end, it is a cheap alternative to Berlin and a good place to rest a little before going somewhere more crazy/expensive/far!

Pictures of my wanderings around Wrocław(from last year, I forgot to take pictures this year lol)