First, why me I here? This is a port city that looks dead all the time, almost like a ghost city if you are not in the center. There is historic reasons for that but why a digital nomad would come? Simple: it’s about 2 hours away from Berlin, absolutely inexpensive and silent. Serious, you can hear a train on the other side of the river after 10pm! But, city is sober, the transport system works pretty well, food is, in general, good and internet is pretty impressive, specially if you came from Berlin where internet sucks! If you need a break of noise/mess of Berlin and also want to save some money, get a bus(FLIXBUS, bought tickets online and got the bus in TEGEL flughafen) and come. This is the first place like this that I stay for a week, so silent that even talk louder in street attract attention from the locals. (note: the sity name is `sh’tétin`(hard to read in polish but easy in cyrilic: Щецин))

But, you can use it for your own good, to write something, to code something complex when you need peace and silence or just want to relax. On my AirBNB I had the view below

Also, as I keep looking for cafés to work, this city haven’t let me down, I’ve been in Corona Coffee, with great prices and a weird internet. Weird? Yes, let me explain. The router, a TPLINK AC750, had 3 networks: one for clients(SSID: Corona Coffee, 60Mbps +-), another 2 for staff(SSIDS TP-LINK_B9FF and TP-LINK_B9FF_5G). But, BUt, BUT they forgot to change admin password, what led me to check and got the password for this 5G network, and now my devices are 200MB+ so, my little friends, always check default passwords LOL)

The coffee taste and prices are good as well and the environmet is great. I recommend it! In the end, I was able to work and relax on this city and whenever I feel tired, I’ll try to stay there again as the silence and atmosphere lead you to relax physically and mentally.

Some pictures of my wanderings around Szczecin: (I’ll post as soon as I update my instagram)