My current stop is one of the most beautiful and amazing cities of the world: Budapest! I came from Berlin and took me 12 hours in a bus but hell, it worthed. The city is amazing, really really beautiful, everyone speaks english and, what really matters: there is a HUGE amount of cafés and wifi almost everywhere. There is some coworkings around the city but, as always, I decided to work on cafés but, with 4G, it’s OK to work from any park. Just remember that district V/Inner City is safe if you are not a dumb tourist but the party districts(VI and VII) are not, so be careful.

I’ve been working on 4 places in this city.

The first one, the Ahoy! Café. You will find an amazing food and an acceptable coffee. The internet speed is arount 60MB but if it is full, you gonna have connection issues eventually. There are some power plugs around and the place is not too noisy or expensive.

The second place I’ve been was Zërgë Coffeeshop, the breakfast was really amazing, the coffees were better than expected but my gratest surprise was the stable 120MB internet. The place is small, have a great soundtrack, some power plugs and I found it on my morning walk from Pest to Buda near Chain bridge. If I need a fast place to make a call or solve I problem and be on Buda side, I’ll run to it for sure.

The third one is a english tea house: Big Ben Teaház, silent, with great teas, internet was just arount 20Mb but was so relaxing that worth the time and money spend. I could focus and code a lot of things while having a delicious tea!

The fourth place was the lifesaver: starbucks! Yeah, coffee sucks but this is a place with familiar taste and stable internet connection. I could work a lot and be on skype meetings with no surprise.

Overall, Budapest is a must go city for anyone and, along with Prague, my personal passion. I recomend anyone come, live like a local and work from here. (side note: true hungarian food from city market almost killed me of diarrhea. It’s tasty but eat it carefully!)

Some pictures of my wanderings around Budapest: