The sweet, crazy and beautiful Amsterdam. I love this place! The bridges, canals, bars, happy people and the idea of a real life sodoma, which it is far from true but is a great place to have fun. Not the best place to find internet suitable to work but you can always get a place with cheaper bear that you will be barely alone using the wifi.

I have worked from various places but my indication is the Coffee De Dokter, this pub from 1798 have an amazing draft beer and an OK internet but the environment is soberb, like a time capsule(and I was able to a skype call and even ssh from there).

Other than that, you will end up working on your hotel, because is pretty hard to stay sober in Amterdam. Believe me, I tried ;D The last place, where I could do real job was, of course, Starbucks.

So, Amterdam is amazing and beautiful. Enjoy it any day in your life, you won’t regret!

Some pictures of my wanderings around Amsterdam: