Berlin. The central point of the european history for the last century. There are a lot to talk about the city, but believe me, you have to check it by yourself, it is amazing. But the available free internet sucks pretty bad! It is, by far, the place with the worst public internet of europe(so far). And this is crazy because it have a huge infrastructure and german people love quality.

To work, I’ve tried a huge amount of places, but there are 2 where I could really do my job: Coffee Fellows, in Mite near hauptbahnhof and Westberlin, near checkpoint charlie. Both have not near something we may name a perfect internet but you can surely have your job done. There is also Microsoft cafe, but it is a little away from my usual behaviour and I haven’t been there yet.

Berlin is amazing, especially if you find a good place to work from. Follow your heart and go to Berlin

Some pictures of my wanderings around Berlin: