Well, well, well… I’ve been here as a temporary stay to don’t stay so much time on the road going from Berlin to Amsterdam. I had no real expectations for Hannover, except I was pretty damn wrong! The place looks like a happier version of an arabian berlin neighborhood, beautiful, diverse and cheaper than all the bigger cities around.

For work, I had a crazy experience. Most of my time I worked inside the starbucks in Ernst-August-Galerie on the side of hauptbahnhof. I even was expeled from that because thay needed to close(at 8pm) and I had to go to other starbucks, inside hauptbahnhof. Again, I was expeled because they had to close(at 11pm). The place, historically, have power plugs and a stable connection, where I was able to do a skype call and fix code in production.

Other than that, Hannover is a small city but a great place to stay, relax and slow down your routine. I will come back again whenever I need to cross that part of the world.