This crazy COVID-19 pandemic gave me a lot of time to study many things hat I’ve always loved but had no time before. Biotech-related stuff like bioinformatics, genetics and viruses have been the number one on my list of interests and I finally started to properly do it. I’ve been doing a lot of research, experimenting and in addition to polishing my bioinformatics skills in rosalind, I’ve been studying synthetic biology and CRISPR a lot. But I felt the need of something more “physical” so I started to assemble a small lab.

Well, a bio lab is not a simple thing to create, but thanks to a good delivery infrastructure of inernet-based stores, I can find and buy almost everything that I need. For more specific things, I looked for used ones on web lists.

The result was good. I already have enough to run some CRISPR experiments and grow bacteria and viruses. I still have issues on the safety but I’m solving it little by little.

my lab stuff

It’s a start and there is a lot of room for improvement. I’ll upgrade my lab as soon as I get more space.