Well, it has been a hell of a yeah. COVID-19 is still crunshing and people are still crazy. On this unexpected environment, I was in need of something to focus on other than hide on my house and work. So I decided do rebiuld my computer knowledge from ground up again. After some books and a lot of experiments,it brought back memories of how great was the low level environment of 80’s computers and well, retrocomputing is a virus without a cure and I’ve got it again.

The problem is that looks like the hobby is popular now, so hardware prices are bizarre. The good thing about it tho it that the production of new hardware and software for these magic machines are sky high. So I started with something familiar: the MSX. But this time, I’llgo deep down the rabbit hole and learn all details that I missed in the past. Ater that, my plan is to grab a C64 and extract all the magic 80’s juice from it. I hope that I can make a better use of my 15 years carreer on computer engineering and do what I couldn’t while I was a kid.

(sidenote: it’s awesome to code in assembler again as well as do magic things with hardware older than me)