My current stop on my crazy journey is nothing less than the capital of Slovakia: Bratislava. I came from Prague and it was really fast by bus: about 4 hours! The place is full of contradictions: looks like a richer version of Sofia mixed with a sober version of prague!

The local food is tasty(but very very very caloric, potatoes ahd sheep cheese everywhere) beer is good and cheap(I recomend a place around the center of ths city ‘Slovak Pub’ and ask for a local craft beer and Bryndzové halušky, the national slovakian dish) and, above anything, there is fucking wifi eveywhere, and this time, I mean it, even inside a moving bus from Devin Castle, outside the city, I was able to achieve a great connectivity, as you can see in the following picture

Other than that, I have worked a lot on places, my favourite was Rannô Ptáča(morning bird) where I got my delicious breakfast and capuccinos, full of power plugs and wifi of about 25Mbps, good for me.

The city is crazy, there are some castles and the taste of comunism is everywhere but, don’t let it fool you! Bratislava is one of the richest regions on europe(after london, luxembourg and hamburg!!!) but the city is not expensive at all. Definitively a place to stay for a while. Also, the tech industry is great there, we can see a lot of buildings of TI giants around the modern area. Transportation is great(you don’t even need to leave region 100+101), it’s almost in the border of Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria, making the transfer to these places fast and inexpensive)! Slovakia is awesome, the locals are great and the city looks amazing to walk and relax.

Some pictures of my wanderings around Bratislava: