workstation itself

A 1985’s Brazilian MSX Expert from the company Gradiente, upgraded to MSX2+ using a 2001’s expansion kit from ACVS, hereby named Expert 3, providing turbo(7.14 MHz), 4MBs of RAM memory, V9958 and FM(YM2413)!!! A complete 8 bits beast! It’s onnected via RGB cable to a LG’s Flatron 17’ M1721A.


But the great thing about MSX is the extensions cartridges, and I have a lot!

a box of interfaces


  • Networking

Both the Technobyte’s obsonet2 and the BaDCaT WiFi interface provide internet connectivity. Obsonet2 do it under MSX-DOS2 with the InterNestorLite’s stack. BaDCaT uses a ESP8266’s TCP/IP stack and a fosil driver.

BaDCaT wifi/rs232 interface
  • Storage

I have 1 IDE-ATA, 2 SD and 1 USB from Technobytes, all containing memory mapper as well as 2 floppy interfaces, for 3.5 and 5.25”.

SD interface 512MB Mapper/MEGARAM
SD interface 512MB Mapper/MEGARAM
ATA-IDE + CF adaptor
DDRX floppy interface
  • Sound

The original FM-PAC ( MSX-MUSIC standard ) and the Technobytes’ AudioWave ( MSX-AUDIO standard )

  • Video

Tecnobytes’ V9990: the Powergraph Light

  • Slot Expander

8bits4ever’s SLOTx4

SLOT expander

There are some missing things but overall, this is my development (and testing) MSX workstation. I use it a lot to try software and to go to BBSes. And I love it!