GNUrdio is awesome. It’s the perfect starting point to anything RF-related, easy to extend and easily replicable. BUT, it sucks to install by itself!!!!!! This is true on “old school” intel-based windows/linux, but it’s even crazier on osx/m1(arm64).

but but but but we, ofc, have conda to help us.

to install gburadio is so ridiculously easy with conda:

$ conda create -n rf
$ conda activate rf
$ conda config --env --add channels conda-forge
$ conda config --env --set channel_priority strict
$ conda install gnuradio python=3.8
$ conda upgrade --all
$ conda install soapysdr-module-rtlsdr
$ conda install soapysdr-module-hackrf

I used python 3.8(not the most updated one, I know) because it’s the best version that supports conda nowadays.

ah! and do not forget to add support to that cheap RTL-SDR!

$ conda install rtl-sdr

And that’s it! with a little bit of point-and-click, you can create something like a FM radio receiver:

a FM radio receiver

That’s it!